CyberColloids work on seaweed fibres

CyberColloids' core focus is on providing innovative texture solutions, mostly within the food industry. In recent years we have seen a move away from the use of traditional texturizing agents i.e. hydrocolloids towards the use of functionalised food fibres e.g. citrus fibre. Functionalised food fibres are typically holistically processed plant materials in which te key components with texture properties like cellulose and pectin have been functionalised to provide superior texturizing properties.
Food fibres that are currently on the market are derived from many different fruit, vegetable, cereal and other plant based material but until recently seaweed derived products have not been available. As part of the SeaRefinery project, CyberColloids has been working towards the development of seaweed fibres and films that retain the gelling functionality of alginate, rather than just focussing on alginate as the end product of our biorefinery. There is wide potential for use of such products in healthy food formulations, edible films and casings (e.g. sausage casings), edible packaging and also in cosmetics products like masks and peels.